Building, Zoning & Planning

  BZP Kurlancheek

        Jud Kurlancheek, AICP, Director
        Phone:    (305) 365-8908
        Fax:        (305) 365-5556




Permit Status:            (305) 365-5501 /
(305) 365-8916 / 8938

Inspection Requests
and Results:

  (305) 365-5512
Code Enforcement:   (305) 365-8917

Local Business Tax Receipts:
(formerly known as
Occupational Licenses)

(305) 365-7563
Department Fax:    (305) 365-5556


Eugenio M. Santiago, P.E., Chief Building Official

Phone:    (305) 365-8902

William Fehr, AICP, Zoning Plan Reviewer

Phone:    (305) 365-5502

Isabel Dominguez, Permit Clerk

Phone:    (305) 365-8938

Joseph Garcell, Chief Building Inspector

Phone:    (305) 365-8941

Enrique Guzman, Chief Electrical Inspector

Phone:    (305) 365-8943

Teal Kawana, Oceanfront Lighting/Marine Turtle Code Enforcement

Phone:    (305) 365-8917

John Lindgren, Chief Plumbing Inspector

           Phone:    (305) 365-8942

George Peon, Building Inspector

Phone:    (305) 365-5508 

Michael Mila, Senior Code Enforcement Officer

           Phone:    (305) 365-8917

Graciela Miguel, Permit Clert/Code Enforcement

           Phone:    (305) 365-8917

Asela Martell-Molina, Chief Permit Clerk

Phone:   (305) 365-5501

Jacqueline Munne, Permit Clerk

Phone:   (305) 365-8916 

Melisa Solano, Permit/Inspections Clerk

Phone:   (305) 365-5512

Ron Regula, Chief Mechanical Inspector

Phone:    (305) 365-8944


Mission Statement

To provide the residents of the Village, their architects, engineers, and contractors with friendly and expedient service with the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.

Department Description

The Department is composed of three (3) divisions: Building, Zoning, and Planning, which work together to accomplish the Department's mission statement, summarized in this promotional video. The Department also provides
  • information, reports, and recommendations relating to the orderly growth and development of the Village to the Council and Manager, and
  • Geographic Information Services to other Departments and governmental agencies.
The Building Division's primary responsibility is the administration of the Florida Building Code. Staff
  • provide for the orderly processing of permits,
  • perform inspections in a timely and safe manner,
  • insure that construction complies with the provisions of all applicable codes, and
  • verify that contractors have the proper credentials and licenses to perform work in the Village.

The Zoning Division is responsible for

  • reviewing plans for compliance with the Zoning and Land Development Regulations,
  • providing information to residents and architects on the development potential of property,
  • issuing Local Business Tax Receipts (formerly known as occupational licenses),
  • enforcing zoning and property maintenance standards,
  • reviewing occupational licenses and the permitting of residential, commercial, offices, apartments and condominiums as well as the auxiliary structures and uses, and
  • administering change of zoning requests, variance applications, and prosecution of violators before the Special Masters, Miami-Dade County Construction Regulation Board, and Florida Department of Business Regulations Division of Construction

The Planning Division

  • administers the Comprehensive Master Plan of the Village as set forth in the Florida Statutes. Duties include the processing, monitoring and evaluation of amendments to the Plan, Concurrency Regulations, Developments of Regional Impact, and other issues that relate to the overall planning and legislative control of the Village.
  • prepares new Zoning and Land Development Regulations for the Village consistent with the Master Plan.
  • prepares planning studies as directed by the Village Manager.


"To provide a safe, quality environment for all islanders through responsible government."


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