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Summer Educational Workshops

Brain Camp
Brain CampLicensed school psychologist Valeria Fontanals and her team offer a unique educational workshop to help your child succeed in school. This high-level program begins with a tailored plan for each child prepared after an in-depth interview with parents. When the workshop concludes, parents will receive a feedback session, including a report about performance results and recommendations for the school year. Students’ cognitive and academic skills will be enhanced through fun games that teach speed reading and reading comprehension; intervention strategies to practice reading and writing skills according to each child’s learning style; and brain-training games to work on attention, concentration and working memory. Pro-rating is not allowed; students must register for entire 2-week session. Maximum of 10 students per group.

Deadline to register is August 2. For more information about the workshop, please contact or 786-393-7955.

Ages                          K- 5th grades
Time                          9:00 a.m.-12:00 noon
Location                    Island Room
Instructor                  Valeria Fontanals & Team

Session                     August 5-16

Member Fee              $600
Non-Member Fee      $720


June 6, 2020
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