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Team Key Aquatics

TKA LogoIf you love swimming and are willing to work hard to develop and maximize your competitive aquatic skills, then Team Key Aquatics (TKA) Swimfit and Water Polo are definitely for you! Through aquatic sports TKA strives to foster the growth and development of each athlete, regardlessof age or ability, in a dynamic environment that encourages goal-setting, dedication, hard work, discipline and a personal commitment to the pursuit of excellence.

TKA's Swimfit
is a conditioning program that mixes swim stroke training, swimming sprints, running sprints, pushups, sit-ups, squats and other functional movements. TKA athletes are coached to swim freestyle, breaststroke, butterfly and backstroke. The group workouts are short, highly intense and constantly changing, making them fun yet challenging. TKA coaches strive to make their athletes functionally fit.

TKA Group on StepsTKA’s Water Polo program is a combination of swimming, soccer, basketball and rugby. Playing water polo pushes your body to the limits because it requires that you swim constantly. TKA coaches focus on the development of each athlete’s attitude and knowledge of the game.

   4-Week Sessions            August 20-December 21
                                            Final session is 6 weeks
                                            and pro-rated


   Member Fee                     $180 (1st swimmer)
                                             $150 (2nd swimmer)
                                             $75 (3rd swimmer)

  Non-Member Fee            
$216 (1st swimmer)
                                             $180 (2nd swimmer)
                                             $90 (3rd swimmer)

  Note: Practice days and times are subject to change.
  Note: 4th swimmer is free of charge.

TKAInterested in joining TKA?
Please contact Coach Gaby at 786-200-6717 prior to registering.

For more information about TKA and the programs we offer, please visit and connect with us on Instagram @TeamKeyAquatics.

3:05 Swimfit Crew
3:05 Swimfit Crew swimmers are at least 4 years old and can swim the length of the pool unassisted. They focus on breathing bubbles and basic freestyle techniques.

Time              3:05-3:35 p.m.

3:40 Swimfit Crew
3:40 Swimfit Crew swimmers are coached on basic stroke technique, drills and exercises for freestyle and breaststroke. Focusing on these two strokes is necessary for a strong swimming foundation.

Time              3:40-4:10 p.m.

TKA4:15 Swimfit Crew
4:15 Swimfit Crew swimmers are introduced to aerobic conditioning drills, speed work and interval training. This basics of butterfly and backstroke are coached at this level. Freestyle and breaststroke are worked on with more emphasis on technique.

Time              4:15-4:45 p.m.

4:50 SwimFit Crew
4:50 SwimFit Crew swimmers begin to work on race strategy and advanced speed and interval training. Freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butter y drills and techniques are emphasized in greater detail. Training in all four strokes will prepare these swimmers for high school competitions, including the Individual Medley.

Time               4:50-5:35 p.m.

5:40 Masters Crew
Masters Crew consists of middle school, high school and adult athletes who pride themselves on swimming betterand faster. Athletes benefit from interval and speed-based workouts, as well as stroke technique training in freestyle. Everday athletes complete a special “Workout of the Day” (WOD).

        Time              5:40-6:40 p.m..

TKA Water Polo Duo6:45 Water Polo Crew
6:45 Water Polo Crew intermediate athletes focus on proper water polo game play such as positioning and spacing while continuing to master the basics in passing and shooting techniques. Advanced athletes focus on perfecting their water polo skills and are introduced to game plays and strategies. This training helps prime young athletes for participating in their high school water polo team.

Time              6:45-7:45 p.m.

April 24, 2019
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