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NEW! Young Athletes Program for Toddlers begins January 23
Published Monday, December 11, 2017

Young Athletes Program (YAP) is an inclusive early childhood sports play program that includes games, songs, and other fun physical activities for young children. YAP unites children with and without disabilities to play together as they practice basic sports skills. 

Young Athletes learn basic sports skills to help prepare them to participate in traditional sports programs when they are older, such as those offered by the Village of Key Biscayne and Special Olympics. Participants also develop motor, social, language, and cognitive skills important for success in life beyond the athletic arena. Motor development activities improve balance, flexibility, strength, and coordination as they practice their sports skills. A recent study confirmed that children with developmental delays showed significantly more motor development if they participated in a structured Young Athletes Program than if they did not. Children who participated also showed gains in confidence as their motor development progressed. For more information, please visit


Thursday, January 11th @ 3:45 PM

KBCC Adult Lounge, 2nd Floor

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January 19, 2018
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