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PDF icon  Comprehensive Master Plan - 5.3 MB file
Approved by Council in 1995; updated 2008 with EAR Amendments as specified in Village Ordinance 2008-11; corrected in 2010.

PDF icon  2018 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) of Master Plan

June 2018 EAR was approved by Council on June 25, 2018 via Village Resolution 2018-30.


PDF icon  2007 Evaluation and Appraisal Report (EAR) of Master Plan - 2.5 MB file
August 2007 EAR approved by the State Department of Community Affairs in September 2007. Changes were approved by Council as amendments to original 1995 Master Plan via Village Ordinance 2008-11.

PDF icon  EAR Committee Report
Presented at March 14, 2006 Council meeting


530 Crandon Boulevard Historic Planning Documents

PDF icon Brody Packet for 530 Crandon Workshop (3.9 MB): Dated April 15, 2014

PDF icon Non-Elevated/Elevated Park Concepts by Village Staff: Dated February 5, 2014

PDF icon Phase 1 Planning Report by Savino Miller: Dated May 19, 2011

PDF icon Recreation Open Space - 530 Crandon Report by IBI Group: Dated May 26, 2009

PDF icon Park Concepts by Nandez D+D: Undated

PDF icon  Crandon Boulevard Master Plan
Presented to and approved by Council on February 24, 2004. Supplement: Crandon Boulevard Construction Plan for Key Colony Entrance (5 Phases starting in May 2006; maps show work areas and traffic flow)
     PDF icon  Phase 1
     PDF icon  Phases 2 through 5  Golf Cart/Pedestrian/Bicycle Fernwood Road and Commercial Property Safety and Access Plan - 9.1 MB Powerpoint file
Dated August 4, 2009; presented to and approved by Council on August 25, 2009.
PDF icon  Hotel-Resort Zoning District Assessment Report (Draft)
Dated November 17, 2006; prepared by Wallace, Roberts & Todd

PDF icon  2012 Hurricane Plan


PDF icon  Land Acquisition Committee Final Report (unavailable)
Dated June 22, 2010; presented to Council at the June 22, 2010 meeting
PDF icon  Landscape Master Plan - 5.1 MB file
Dated January 9, 2009; prepared by Wallace, Roberts and Todd

PDF icon  Landscape Master Plan Phase II-Conceptual Development Options - 14.8 MB file

PDF icon  Landscape Master Plan Working Paper - Inventory and Analysis - 36.5 MB file


Long Term Beach Nourishment Plan - dated August 1997 (adopted via Resolution 97-55 on October 28, 1997); includes Addendum #1, Sand Quality to be Used in Maintaining the Ocean Beach of Key Biscayne (adopted via Resolution 98-55 on October 27, 1998). Large document divided into 7 sections:

     PDF icon  Main Report: 122 pp (9.3 MB)

     PDF icon  Appendix A: Site Photographs (2.7 MB)

     PDF icon  Appendix B: Aerial Photographs - two subsections (9.8 MB):

B1: 1982 Aerial Photographs
B2: 1974 Aerial Photography with Historic Shorelines

     PDF icon  Appendix C: REFDIF Wave Focusing Analysis (1.1 MB)

     PDF icon  Appendix D: KB Historical MHW Data

     PDF icon  Appendix E: KB Beach Profiles - three subsections:

E1: USACE 1987 Fill Template, Pre, and Post-Construction Template
E2: USACE 1981-1991 Post-Construction Monitoring Surveys
E3: DEP 1980-1996 Beach Profile Surveys

     PDF icon  Appendix F: Resolution No. 96-36 of the Village of Key Biscayne (Certified November 7, 1997)-
           Updated January 19, 2017 with Agreement referred to in the resolution


Parks and Recreation Department Surveys (Conducted by Leisure Vision)"

PDF icon  2015 Findings Report for a Statistically Valid Community
      Interest and Opinion Survey
- August 2015 (9.8 MB PDF)
PDF icon  2002 Recreational Needs Assessment Survey - May 2002

PDF icon  2006 Recreational Needs Assessment Survey - November 2006

PDF icon  2002-2006 Recreational Needs Assessment Comparison - January 2007

PDF icon  Recreation and Open Space Recommendation Report/Concept Plans for 530 Crandon Boulevard Report

Dated May 26, 2009; prepared by IBI Group

2020 Vision Plan - Final report dated June 17, 2006: 37 MB document was divided into 5 sections
     PDF icon  Part 1: pp. 1-20 - Cover Page, Introduction, 2020 Vision process, 2020 Vision Statement
     PDF icon  Part 2a: pp. 21-24 (15.4 MB file) - Map illustrations and photos
     PDF icon  Part 2b: pp. 25-28 (15 MB file) - Map illustrations and photos
     PDF icon  Part 3: pp. 29-34  - Plan initiatives, Capital Improvement Plans recommended by Committee
            and as modified by Village Council
     PDF icon  Appendices: pp. 35-71  (4.9 MB file)
     PDF icon  2020 Vision Statement

     PDF icon  Community Forum #1 Results - June 2005
     PDF icon  Community Forum #2 Results - November 2005


PDF icon  2014 Stormwater Drainage/Flood Workshop Presentation - Posted February 18, 2014 (5.1 MB file)

PDF of PowerPoint presentation made by Village Stormwater Team at public education workshop on February 18, 2014

PDF icon  Stormwater Management Plan - 6.9 MB file
Updated Report issued June 28, 2011 by TetraTech, Inc. Appendices listed separately due to large file sizes:

     PDF icon  Appendix A - 3.2 MB file

     PDF icon  Appendix B - 15.9 MB file

     PDF icon  Appendices C and D - 330 KB file

     PDF icon  Appendix E Sheets A and B - 17.8 MB file

     PDF icon  Appendix E Sheet C - 11.5 MB file

     PDF icon  Appendix E Sheets D and E - 18.9 MB file

     PDF icon  Appendices F, G, H, I, J, K, L and M - 2.0 MB file


PDF icon  Sustainability Plan

Dated April 28, 2014. Final product of Green Committee submitted to Council; no action taken

PDF icon  Traffic Calming Master Plan
Dated January 2012


PDF icon  Transit/Mobility Study - Posted January 28, 2015 (7.8 MB)
 Draft Report dated December 2015; prepared by The Corradino Group


 PDF icon Undergrounding of Utilities - Village of Key Biscayne Master Plan

 Report Dated March 8, 2019 Prepared by Kimley Horn

PDF icon  Virginia Key Master Plan - 8.6 MB file
Released in Fall 2010 Virginia Key Public Planning Coalition with City of Miami Planning Department; better quality file posted June 23, 2015

PDF icon  Virginia Key Master Plan Consensus - (2.5 MB file)
Dated July 2010; posted September 29, 2010


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