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    "Can the Grease" Campaign Flyer - Do not pour oil & grease down drains!

    PDF icon  CRS June 2019 Newsletter #31

    PDF icon  CRS September 2019 Newsletter #31 (E-version)

    PDF icon  CRS Verification Report - April 2006 Visit 


    PDF icon  Drainage Calculations Worksheet - Revised September 6, 2019


    1998 Floodplain Management Plan: Volumes I, II and III - March 1998

  • PDF icon  Volume I: Introduction, Plan Document, Plan Report, Action Plan (1.7 MB file)
  • PDF icon  Volume II: Public Involvement, Plan Adoption, Implementation (2.5 MB file)
  • PDF icon  Volume III: Compressed Version (4.7 MB file)

    Floodplain Management Plan Progress Reports

    external link graphic  Miami-Dade County "Scoop the Poop" Ordinance - External link


    external link graphic  Miami-Dade County Battery Disposal Information - External link
    Bacteria Pollution Prevention


    external link graphic  Miami-Dade County Environmental Complaints - External link
    Report Sanitary Sewer Overflow Spills, pollution, etc. online or Call 311 or 305–372–6955.


    external link graphic  Miami-Dade County Home Chemical Collection Centers - External link


    PDF icon  Pet Waste Brochure - 3.34 MB file
    Public outreach brochure from Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Managerment 

    Folder icon  Reduce Pollution in Stormwater Runoff from Your Property


    PDF icon  Save Our Swales  
    Public outreach brochure from Miami-Dade County Public Works and Waste Managerment


    external link graphic  Stormwater and Me

    A cooperative public education program of the Palm Beach County municpal stormwater systems group

    PDF icon  Stormwater Drainage/Flood Complaint Form - Posted November 26, 2013
    Submit this form via email to Public Works Division staff


    PDF icon  2014 Stormwater Drainage/Flood Workshop Presentation - Posted February 18, 2014 (5.1 MB file)

    PDF of PowerPoint presentation made by Village Stormwater Team at a public education workshop on
    February 18, 2014


    2015 Implementation of Stormwater Master Plan: Hydraulic and Hydrologic Analyses and
    Evaluation Report

    Issued November 20, 2015 by EAC Consulting, Inc. Report sections and Appendices listed separately
    due to large file size of full report.

  • PDF icon  Cover, Table of Contents, Sections 1, 2 and 3 - 8.98 MB file
          Introduction, Data Collection and Utiliization, Level of Service and Applicable Criteria
  • PDF icon  Sections 4 and 5 - 20.96 MB file
          Existing Conditions H&H Modeling and Analyses, Proposed "Solution" H&H Modeling and Analyses
  • PDF icon  Sections 6, 7 and 8 - 2.87 MB file
          Green Infrastructure, Capital Improvements Plan, Public Outreach
  • PDF icon  Appendices A and B - 999 KB file
          VKB SWMP Implementation Technical Memorandums, Public Meeting Records
  • PDF icon  Appendices C and D - 705 KB file
          Existing H&H “Control” Model Input Report, Solution H&H Model Input Report
  • PDF icon  Appendices E and F - 698 KB file
          Solution H&H Model Input Report, Solution H&H Model Results Report
  • PDF icon  Appendices G and H - 3.62 MB file
          Catalog of Green Infrastructure Tools, FDOT Historical Unit Costs (Zone 13 and Zone 14)

    PDF icon  2011 Stormwater Management Plan Update - 6.9 MB file
    Updated Report issued June 28, 2011 by TetraTech, Inc. Appendices listed separately due to large file sizes:

    PDF icon  1993 Stormwater Master Plan (6.2 MB file)


    external link graphic  Think About Personal Pollution (TAPP)

    City of Tallahassee Stormwater Management




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