Upcoming King Tide Dates

Did you know? King tides are coming soon, and they are the highest and most extreme tides of the year. Gravitational forces and the alignment of the sun and moon cause the tides to change throughout the year. Find out how you can prepare for king tides! [Link to news item]

King Tides can cause flooding in low-lying, and coastal areas. If King Tides coincide with bad weather such as heavy rains, strong winds or big waves we may see more severe flooding. Rising sea levels are causing these tides to happen more often, last longer, and extend further inland than in the past. 

Know your risk! Most impacts from King Tides are felt along the coast and in very low-lying areas. To see which areas are impacted by the King Tides use the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Sea Level Rise Viewer. On this map you can zoom into Miami-Dade County or your neighborhood. When you click on the "high tide flooding" tab you will see areas in red that are vulnerable to King Tide flooding. 



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