Village Of Key Biscayne Included in Army Corps Plan

We’re in! The Village of Key Biscayne is positioned to get federal assistance to protect our shoreline and beaches as part of the United States Army Corps of Engineers’ coastal storm risk management program for Miami-Dade County. 

On Wednesday, the Corps released the results of a year-long feasibility study which provides a description of the shoreline protection plan for the County as a whole, inclusive of Key Biscayne. This defines shoreline protection for Key Biscayne’s beach for the next 50 years. 

The Village will benefit from significant federal funding for the plan, which will lead to a more resilient and sustainable beach environment with dune enlargement and reinforcement, protective tie-back systems on the northern and southern boundaries of the Village and 50 years of periodic beach renourishment projects.

While Key Biscayne residents enjoy a peaceful, safe and active quality of life offered along our oceanside beach, the island faces a growing threat from sea-level rise as well as more frequent and intense storms. Inclusion in the Corp’s coastal storm risk management program will help ensure a more stable future both for our beach and our island community while lessening the cost burden a project of this magnitude would place on our village.

Village Manager Steve Williamson and Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer Dr. Roland Samimy hosted a community engagement meeting that previewed this announcement (click here) with renderings and designs that depict the future of our beach.

We need you! The next step for this project is to solicit public comment on the TSP for Key Biscayne while Village staff continue to work with the County and Corps on refining the shoreline protection approach. The comment period will be open until Dec. 12, please click here for more information and to submit your comment. 

If you would like to submit your comments directly to the Village, you may do so using the dedicated email address:

On November 17, the Army Corps of Engineers will be hosting two virtual presentations to give residents a greater understanding of the plan. Stay tuned for more details! 



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