Rickenbacker Causeway & Bear Cut Bridge Update

Good morning Residents of Key Biscayne: 

I hope by now you have heard the good news about the Rickenbacker Causeway after yesterday’s Board of County Commissioners (BCC) meeting. After many months of thoughtful deliberation, Mayor Cava’s recommendation to cancel the current Request for Proposal (RFP) and start a new process to develop the causeway and Commissioner Regalado’s emphasis to make the Bear Cut Bridge a priority both passed the Commission unanimously. 

We want to thank both Mayor Cava and Commissioner Regalado for their steadfast leadership and efforts in determining that there is a better way to address the critical bridge infrastructure and to redevelop the Rickenbacker Causeway in more intentional, focused, and inclusive manner.

It’s also a time for us all to reflect on the way the community came together on this very important issue. We thank our Village Council for their clear and resolute direction, the residents for their impassioned participation and the members of the Village staff that worked closely with the County Administration and our Commissioner’s office.

This was indeed a team effort and one we can be proud of. The Village continues to stand united behind the Village Council’s two previous resolutions as we begin to work with the County to ensure this project is a priority and that the new process is started immediately. 


Steve Williamson
Village Manager



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