Key Biscayne Beach: Swim Zone Update

The Village of Key Biscayne, in the spirit of enhancing beachgoer safety, has positioned floating buoys to better delineate the swim zone.

This will help keep boats and kiteboarders stay out of the area where residents and visitors recreate and swim.

The buoys were recently set-up in the water between the existing pile markers; however, the two northernmost markers have yet to be moved further away from the shoreline, per the Village’s Council’s direction on June 23, 2022. Once these are all in place, the 300-foot limit will be clearly defined by the markers and floating buoys, enhancing recreational safety.  

The Village strongly encourages residents and visitors to stay within the swim zone when enjoying our beautiful beaches. This is particularly important in the northern end of the beach, where waters at low tide are shallow and the sandbar extends beyond the 300-foot limit.



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