Village Takes Big Step Forward Toward More Resilient Future

The Village of Key Biscayne is committed to protecting our residents, property, and way of life from the projected effects of storm surge, sea-level rise and related environment changes impacting the island in the coming decades.  

“As a coastal village, we are keenly aware of the threats we face and have a clear understanding of the significant infrastructure work needed to protect our village,” Steve Williamson, Village Manager, said.

At the core of the resilience infrastructure program for Key Biscayne is the upgrade of the stormwater system, which manages flooding throughout the village.  

In July, Village Council authorized AECOM, the Village’s stormwater engineering firm, to proceed with designing an upgraded stormwater drainage system in the area surrounding the Key Biscayne K-8 School Center, one of the most flood-prone areas in the Village. This portion of the design will take approximately nine months to complete and will be followed by a larger scale design to create the complete plans needed for construction. 

“With this decision by Council, we have taken a big step toward the construction of a new and improved drainage system,” Dr. Roland Samimy, Chief Resilience and Sustainability Officer said. “This important design process will address street and rights-of-way improvements, pump station locations and the use of green infrastructure to meet the Village residents’ desired level of service. As we move through this process, the Village will provide opportunities for residents to learn more about how the system will be modified, the timeline for completion as well as a chance to give their input.”

Recent flooding events, including the storm in June and impacts of the King Tides last fall, highlight the need for the Village to continue focusing on how water and flooding severely affect the community.

“Building a resilient future for the Village of Key Biscayne is a multi-dimensional program that needs intentional planning and action to strengthen the island from current and future climate-related threats,” Williamson said. “We are on our way to making our island paradise a stronger, more resilient and sustainable place to live.”

Williamson will be representing the Village of Key Biscayne in a panel discussion entitled, “Watershed/River-basin Scale Governance, and Policy” at the upcoming Future of Water Summit 2022, taking place August 8-10 in Miami Beach, Florida.



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