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Beach Park Access Cards

Beach ParkThe Village of Key Biscayne’s Beach Park, a residents only facility, requires an access card to enter the park. The access cards are available to Key Biscayne residents only. For additional information please call 305-365-8900.

To Obtain a Card: Beach Park access card applications are available for download online (PDF) or at the Front Desk. Please allow 2-3 business days for new cards to be activated.

Proof of Residency: Proof of residency is required when applying for a beach access card. A photo ID plus one of the following is acceptable as proof of residency:

  • Current vehicle registration certificate
  • Copy of current real property tax bill or deed
  • Certificate or letter from the Internal Revenue Service
  • Current utility bill

Cards per Household: There is a limit of two (2) access cards per household and proof of residency is required for each card issued. A one-person household may only receive one access card.

Fees: There is no fee for the first access card(s). There is a replacement card fee of $8.00 to de-activate the lost or stolen card and re-issue a new device.

July 25, 2021
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