Monaco Reflecting Pools

Sarah Morris designed the Monaco Reflecting Pools at the Civic Center Oval Plaza as a field of coral rock surrounding two colorful pools flanked by benches. The space is open to the public 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The work was completed in November 2006 and executed in collaboration with the Friedrich Petzel Gallery. The tiles were fabricated by Mosaika Art and Design in Montreal, Canada.

Monaco Pools close-up day   Monaco Pools close-up night
Monaco Pools aerial day   Monaco Pools aerial night

                                                                        Photos © 2011 Steven Brooke Studios

Statement by Sarah Morris about her Monaco Reflecting Pools:

"The two congruent reflecting pools are fabricated from ceramic tile and designed based upon Morris' painting "Pools-Monaco [Miami]."? This series of paintings, collectively titled "Pools,"? acknowledge the swimming pool as the ultimate emblem of Miami, a city that encapsulates a particular lifestyle and ideology.  In this series, Morris' fragmentation of the grid has the effect of creating concave structures reminiscent of the refraction of light through prismatic lenses or water. The paintings hover between representation and abstraction, focusing on the sending and receiving of information through a process of graphic reduction. Architectural qualities become de-emphasized and distilled into large, glossy, color-saturated paintings containing references to the built environment and urban spectacle.  The coexistent film, "Miami" [2002], follows the city's drift from luxurious living to a somewhat dead-end vision of what the "good life" might mean. Within the film, Morris focuses on the architecture, people and industries that define the city.  "Monaco Reflecting Pools"? continues Morris' systematic study of artifice, surface and the covert."





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