How to Start a Business

To set up a new business within the Village, it is suggested to follow these steps.

Before signing a lease for a space or purchasing a commercial space in the Village, consult with the Zoning Division to verify that the proposed business or occupation is allowed within the location. Once all requirements are met, you will be able to apply for a Local Business Tax (BTR)/ Professional License, as well as Certificate of Use (CU) from the Village.

Code Enforcement is available to assist applicants with completing forms.

Documents Required to Open a New Business

  • Copy of the corporate documents (By Laws / Articles of Constitution).
  • Copy of approved Fictitious Name - DBA- To apply SunBiz e-filling
  • Copy of the Federal Identification Number FEIN or letter sent by the IRS
  • Copy of the Lease Document or Warranty Deed

Additional Documents Needed for Restaurants

  • Copy of the Alcoholic Beverage License Permit Application from the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR) Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco
  • Copy of Outdoor Dining Facility Application and Village of Key Biscayne Permit Application

Documents Required for Short Term Rentals

  • If registered with the Division of Corporations, a copy of the corporate documents
  • If required to register a Fictitious Name, a copy of the approved Fictitious Name (To apply, visit for e-filing)
  • If required to obtain a FEIN, a copy of the FEIN or a letter sent by the IRS
  • Copy of the Lease or Warrant Deed
  • Copy of the DBPR Vacation Rental application and license

Final Inspections for Certificate of Use: After an application is approved, an inspection will be scheduled with Key Biscayne Fire and/or Zoning Division. Fire Inspections are required for all businesses whereas a Zoning Inspection is required only for New Commercial. All inspections include an additional $75.00 fee along with a $120.00 fee for Certificate of Use.

You will be able to make payments online for Certificate of Use, Business Tax Licenses and Renewals by navigating through the Accela Portal.

Professional License Application Requirements

Professional Licenses are individuals who engage in or manage an Occupation Professional activity. Each Profession is required to apply and obtain a License Business Tax (LBTR).  All Professional Individuals need to apply and provide the following:



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