Short-Term Vacation Rentals

Short-Term Rentals: Per Fla. Statute. §509.242(1)(c), a "Vacation Rental" is defined as "any unit or group of units in a condominium, cooperative, or timeshare plan or any individually or collectively owned single-family, two-family, three family, or four family house or dwelling unit that is also a transient public lodging establishment.” 

Vacation Rentals may operate within the Village of Key Biscayne, subject to the following provisions of Section 7-31:

  • The owner of a Vacation Rental must obtain a Business Tax Receipt in accordance with Article II. Chapter 25 of the Village Code.
  • The minimum rental period shall be 15 continuous days; (If Condominium Documents address the vacation rental period, this will supersede Village Ordinance minimum rental period.)
  • All leases or occupancy agreements must be in writing and incorporate a copy of the Section 7-31
  • All leases or occupancy agreements must be delivered to the Village or be always available on site for inspection by the Village; and
  • All use occupancy and other activities must comply with the Village’s land development regulations and other health, safety, and welfare regulations within the applicable zoning district including but not limited to all noise, nuisance, and special event regulations as they are now in effect or may be amended from time to time.

Please note that failing to obtain a Local Business Tax Receipt will result in a Civil Violation Notice in the amount of $250.

How to apply for a Local Business Tax Receipt: Please provide the following documents via email to

  • A completed Local Business Tax application
  • If registered with the Division of Corporations, a copy of the corporate documents
  • If required to register a Fictitious Name, a copy of the approved Fictitious Name (To apply, visit SunBiz for e-filing)
  • If required to obtain a FEIN, a copy of the FEIN or a letter sent by the IRS
  • Copy of the Lease or Warrant Deed
  • Copy of the DBPR Vacation Rental application and license (To apply, visit for e-filing)

Upon approval, an inspection will be scheduled with the Key Biscayne Fire Department. The total cost for a Short-Term Rental is $310.76, as follows:

  • Certificate of Use $120.00 (One-time Fee)
  • Fire Inspection $75.00 (One-time Fee)
  • Business Tax Receipt $115.76 (Every Year Thereafter)

For any questions, please contact our office via email at or via telephone at (305) 365-7572.  



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