Building Recertification - Resident FAQ

After the tragic collapse of the south building at Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida on June 24, 2021, many residents have had questions about the building recertification process. 

Please find below, the most common questions and their answers.

What is the Florida Building Code?

Is the code the same throughout the state?

Does the Village of Key Biscayne have additional building codes?

How do I know if my building has been inspected and/or recertified?

What is the point of the 40-year (or more) recertification?

Who can do the inspection and recreate the report?

What does the report contain?

What is the Village's role in the recertification process?

What is the Village doing to ensure that my building is compliant?

What happens if my building does not comply with the recertification process?

How does the county define and remediate unsafe structures?

Is there anything that I can do as a resident to ensure that my building is safe?

In light of the recent events in Surfside, has the Village changed any of its processes related to recertification and the structural safety of buildings?



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