Zoning & Planning Division

The Zoning and Planning Division is responsible for

  • Reviewing building permit plans and site plans for compliance with the Zoning and Land Development Regulations
  • Providing information to residents and architects on the development potential of property
  • Administering the Comprehensive Master Plan of the Village as set forth in the Florida Statutes. Duties include the processing, monitoring and evaluation of amendments to the Plan, Concurrency Regulations and other issues that relate to the overall planning of the Village,
  • Preparing new Zoning and Land Development Regulations, variances and zoning text amendments for the Village consistent with the Master Plan
  • Preparing recommendations to the Village Council regarding Site Plan Review applications and variances
  • Preparing planning studies as directed by the Village Manager
  • Preparing the Five (5)-Year Capital Improvements Plan
  • Enforcing zoning and property maintenance standards
  • Administering change of zoning requests, variance applications, and prosecution of violators before the Special Masters, Miami-Dade County Construction Regulation Board, and Florida Department of Business Regulations Division of Construction



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