Hurricanes and Tropical Storm Preparedness

The Atlantic hurricane season begins on June 1st and ends on November 30th, with storms typically peaking in August and September.

The County mails residents a comprehensive guide to hurricane season each year. The Are You Ready? guide is available online. The County also offers a phone application ReadyMDC on Apple and Android.

Click here for the Village of Key Biscayne Hurricane readiness guide.


In the event of a tropical storm or hurricane, officials will inform residents about the expected impact of the storm and any possible evacuations. All of Key Biscayne is in Zone A, the first area that will be called to evacuate.

These evacuations are ordered by the Miami-Dade County Mayor and are MANDATORY for your safety as well as the protection of personnel. Once an EVACUATION ORDER has been announced, residents are required to leave the island and find a safe place to shelter (emergency shelter, hotel, home of a friend/relative, etc.).

If you are in need of evacuation assistance from Miami-Dade County, click here for information and registration (if you are eligible, please register at the start of hurricane season, do not wait until a storm is approaching).

After a Storm:

Re-entry after a storm will be announced via the Village Connect (email) and Village Information Notification System (VINS) (text message) as well as by community partners such as the Key Biscayne Chamber of Commerce and local media.

The Village of Key Biscayne will make every effort to allow for immediate re-entry after an evacuation. If the storm does not result in significant damage, access will not be restricted. In the interest of public safety, the Village may need to restrict access due to flooding, road blockages, downed power lines, etc.

In the event re-entry is restricted, a tiered re-entry system will be in place to ensure the safety of each person who needs to return to Key Biscayne.

Tier I: ONLY Emergency Personnel (Key Biscayne Emergency Management Team, damage assessment personnel, roadway clean-up crews, etc.)

Tier II: ONLY Essential Personnel, must be pre-registered with the Key Biscayne Police Department and will include:
    • Gas Station essential personnel to reopen
    • Supermarket essential personnel to reopen
    • Pharmacy essential personnel to reopen
    • Property managers (condos, shopping centers)
For more information about how to register with the KBPD as Tier II Essential Personnel, contact Madelin Lopez (click here).

Tier III: Upon confirmation that the Village is safe for re-entry, residents and business owners will be given access to their homes and businesses. Please keep in mind that there will likely be a mass re-entry, which will cause traffic and delays. The Village of Key Biscayne will no longer be issuing Re-Entry Passes for businesses.

*** Report all outages to Florida Power & Light (FPL). The more people who report an outage, the better. Additionally, you can track outages in the community with FPL’s Power Tracker outage map.

*** Report Damage to Miami-Dade County. This information is shared directly with the Village and we use the information you report to assess the impact and respond to the affected areas.

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