Infant and Child Safety

A house is an exciting place for infants and small children who love to explore but aren't aware of the potential dangers.

Protecting your child from household dangers is your job - and it's a job that will always be evolving to keep up with your child's growing mobility and curiosity. Even before your baby comes home from the hospital, you will need to think carefully about his safety at home. And as he grows older, your job becomes more difficult as he touches, tastes, and climbs his way through the world.

This safety checklist will help you identify and eliminate potential hazards in your home related to choking, drowning, electric shock, falls, poisonings, strangulation and suffocation.

General Household Accident Prevention Tips for Indoors and Outdoors

Choking Prevention

Drowning Prevention and Pool Safety Suggestions

Electric Shock and Fall Prevention

Poisoning Prevention

Strangulation and Suffocation Prevention

Burn Prevention



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