Solid Waste, Recycling & Bulk Trash

The Village of Key Biscayne has awarded a new Solid Waste Collection contract to Great Waste Solutions, a family owned business that has been serving South Florida for more than 20 years.

The Village utilizes a third-party contractor to provide solid waste collection services for single-family residences within the Village. The service includes regular garbage collection twice per week, recycling collection once per week, and bulk pickup once per month.

Per the Village Council’s November 17, 2020 meeting, Great Waste will continue to offer residents side-yard pick-up; defined as the single cart and two garbage bags or recycle cart being placed beside your home either in front of or right behind an unlocked gate that is accessible to the service provider to haul, dump and return. Residents may elect to bring their cart and two bags to the curb of their property for collection.

Great Waste will collect one cart and up to two 30-gallon sealed garbage bags from each property two times a week, per the collection schedule in PDF below. Additionally, one cart of recycle will be collected on Wednesdays; please do not bag recycle items as plastic bags cannot be recycled. Great Waste will follow a similar bulk waste schedule. Bulk will be on the second full week of the month. Residents with Tuesday, Thursday and Friday pick-ups will have the same day. Per a decision made by the Village Council, Monday Bulk pick-up has been moved to Wednesday. For more detailed information and days of service, see PDF below.

The Village of Key Biscayne partners with Miami-Dade County to allow residential customers to dispose of items that can otherwise potentially harm the environment. Certain home chemical products are also available free of charge. For information about acceptable items, requirements and free home chemicals, visit the County's Home Chemical Collection Centers website. 


in 2020, the Village Council agreed to include the fee directly on the tax bill, which will streamline the payment process for residents by consolidating their bills. This began on the November 2021 tax bill.

The Village expects that this will generate a 98% collection rate. Residents who choose to pay their tax early will receive the same discounts early payment discounts as their property taxes: 4% if paid in November; 3% if paid in December; 2% if paid in January and 1% if paid in February.

Customer Service

Call Customer Service at (786) 860-6476 or email should you have a residential service complaint or need a container.

Weekly Regular Garbage and Yard Waste Pick-Up

The residential service area is divided into two pick-up zones: North of W. McIntyre Street and South of W. McIntyre Street. There will be no service on these holidays: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.

General Information:

  • All regular garbage should be placed in cans not to exceed 50 lbs. so that the garbage can be safely and efficiently removed from your property. Use the previously provided green wheeled containers.
  • If plastic bags are used they, should be securely closed and tied.
  • Garbage should not be heavier than the bags can effectively contain.
  • Be sure garbage is accessible on all service days. Of you choose the sideyard pickup option, gates should be unlocked and pets confined away.ACCEPTABLE garbage includes:
    • Household Waste - Kitchen and table food waste: animal, vegetative, food or any organic waste from the preparation, cooking or handling of food material.
    • General Trash
    • Refuse - Combination of household trash and garbage.
    • Yard Waste
  • These items are NOT ACCEPTED:
    • Hazardous materials
    • Paint cans
    • Battery packs
    • Pesticides
    • Herbicides
    • Propane cylinders
    • Chemicals and chemical containers
  • Yard Waste Rules: Only yard waste meeting the following specifications will be collected on a weekly basis:
    • Shall mean vegetative matter resulting from normal yard and landscaping maintenance and shall include materials such as tree and shrub trimmings, grass clippings, palm fronds or smalltree branches.
    • Tree branches that shall not exceed four (4) feet in length and four (4) inches in diameter.
    • Yard Trash shall be bundled or tied.
    • Grass clippings shall be placed in a garbage container or disposable bag.
    • The weight of filled containers, bags, or bundles must be less than fifty (50) pounds.
    • No more than six containers, bags or bundles per residential customer shall be collected at one time.
    • Yard Trash shall include Christmas trees regardless of size.
  • NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR WEEKLY PICKUP is debris resulting from:
    • Tree removal
    • Land clearing
    • Land development
    • House demolition
    • Home improvement
Examples of Solid Waste that will NOT be collected by Great Waste Services - Copy
Weekly Recycling Pick-Up

Recyclables are picked up on Wednesdays for all single-family homes and duplexes in both zones north and south of W. McIntyre Street. There will be no service on these holidays: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 

Great Waste asks that customers continue to use the previously issued blue 64-gallon, covered, wheeled containers for recyclables. Have the containers ready for pick-up either at the side yard location or curb by 6:30 a.m. Wednesday morning. Place clean, dry items inside. DO NOT use plastic bags for recycle items.

  • ACCEPTABLE Items for recycling include:
    • Empty, clean and dry steel and aluminum cans
    • Plastic bottles
    • Aluminum foil
    • Paper cartons
    • Cereal boxes
    • Newspaper
    • Magazines
    • Cut or folded cardboard boxes
    • Any variation of items listed
  • These Items are NOT ACCEPTED as recyclables:
    • Light bulbs
    • China
    • Glassware
    • Food trays
    • Plastic wrap
    • Styrofoam
    • Batteries
    • Any hazardous items

Monthly Bulk Waste Pick-Up

Bulk waste will be collected curbside each month on the day assigned for your area. Please refer to the color-coded maps in the PDF flyer and also delivered to each single-family and duplex residence. There will be no service on these holidays: Fourth of July, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 

  • ACCEPTABLE items include:
    • Household furniture
    • Household trash
    • Yard trash
  • These items are NOT ACCEPTED:
    • Construction materials
    • Concrete
    • Rocks and sol
    • Paint or other hazardous materials
    • White goods***

*** Appliances with Freon such as refrigerators, stoves and air conditioning units, known as “white goods,” will be picked up by appointment only.

  • Place your bulk waste away from trees, fences and utility boxes, etc., to allow access by the bulk pick-up grapple truck.
  • Please have all bulk items curbside by 6:30 am on the day of your pickup.Bulk waste must be put out 24 hours before your scheduled pickup date. Improper placement (more than 24 hrs. before your scheduled pickup date) is a violation of Miami-Dade Code, Section 19-4 (c), and will result in the assessment of fines to the homeowner.
  • The bulk truck will not return to pick up piles that are put out after your block has been picked up.



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