Stormwater Management

The Village is responsible for protecting people and property in the Village of Key Biscayne from harmful stormwater runoff. Continued investment in the drainage system is important to maintain the health and safety of the community it serves as well as economic growth and prosperity in the future.

The system that was inherited by the Village when it incorporated is aged and experiencing increasingly challenging environmental conditions due to sea level rise and climate change. As a result, it is losing its ability to effectively drain stormwater and meet the community’s expectations.

In 2019, the Village selected AECOM to engineer capital improvements to the stormwater system mitigate flood risk, ensure system reliability by replacing aging infrastructure and facilities, meet priorities, respond the sea level rise and increase the level of service as it relates to street inundation depths and drainage times where the current system is resulting in chronic flooding.

The Village of Key Biscayne is working with AECOM to redesign and construct an upgrade to the village's stormwater system to address issues related to flooding that currently impact our community and will become more severe if nothing is done.

The overall aim of this large-scale infrastructure project is to meet the community's needs by streamlining and maximizing the efficacy of the stormwater system. This means increasing the drainage capacity by actively pumping water away from flood prone, low-lying areas and mitigating street flooding. By doing this, the Village will be securing the safety and welfare of residents while maintaining quality of life and property values and developing resilient strategies to address worsening sea level rise and intensifying rain events due to climate change.



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