The 2040 Strategic Vision Plan Board will assist in preparing the 2040 Strategic Vision Plan (Plan), provide recommendations to the Village Council for the Plan, study and recommend solutions to other issues referred to the Board from time-to-time by the Village Council and a provide for a transparent process that affords ample public input by residents and interested groups.

The Board shall be comprised of 7 members who shall be appointments by the Mayor with the approval of Council and shall report to and receive direction and input from the Council.

Each member of the Board shall be a full-time resident of the Village who has continuously resided within the Village for the 12-month period immediately prior to appointment and shall not be an employee of the Village.

Members shall be appointed for a term of up to (2) years and may be reappointed.

Council Liaison: Brett Moss
Staff Liaison:    Olga Garcia, Building Zoning and Planning Department


First Name Last Name Term Started: Appointed by: Term Limit:
Jorge Mendia 04/06/21 Michael Davey 2 years
Matt Bramson 04/06/21 Michael Davey 2 years
Tom McCormick 04/06/21 Michael Davey 2 years
Lucia Marin 04/06/21 Michael Davey 2 years
Luis De la Cruz 04/06/21 Michael Davey 2 years
Robert Duzoglou 04/06/21 Michael Davey 2 years
Mario Garcia-Serra 04/02/21 Michael Davey 2 years


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05/16/19 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      



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