Village Athletics Advisory Board


The Village Athletic Advisory Board shall be solely advisory. Final advisory action of the Board shall be in the appropriate form and all written recommendations shall be provided to the Village Council and Village Parks Director. The Board serves as a forum for Village residents to discuss how the youth and adult athletic program of the Village may best meet the needs and desires of Village residents. Specifically, the Board provides recommendations regarding Village’s youth or adult athletic programs.

The Board shall be comprised of (7) members who shall be appointments by the Mayor with the approval of Council. The supporting Department for the Board shall be the Parks and Recreation Department.

Each member of the Board shall be a full-time resident of the Village who has continuously resided within the Village for the 12-month period immediately prior to appointment and shall not be an employee of the Village. The members of the Board shall serve at the will of Council.

Council Liaison:  Mayor Michael Davey
Staff Liaison:     Todd Hofferberth, Parks and Recreation Director


First Name Last Name Term Started: Appointed by: Term Limit:
Glen Waldman 10/14/08 Robert Vernon Will of Council
Paul Zuccarini 05/10/16 Mayra Lindsay Will of Council
Kenneth   Coto 11/29/16 Mayra Lindsay Will of Council
Myriam Bril 08/24/21 Michael Davey Will of Council
Victor Balestra 05/10/16 Mayra Lindsay Will of Council
Jimmy Ly 08/24/21 Michael Davey Will of Council
Jill  Stephens 08/24/21 Michael Davey Will of Council

Agendas are available here, minutes here and video archives here. This Board was formerly known as the Youth Athletic Advisory Board.


04/10/19 Regular meeting Agenda      

05/09/18 Regular meeting Agenda      

05/07/15 Regular meeting Agenda      
04/09/15 Regular meeting Agenda       Minutes      
03/12/15 Regular meeting Agenda      
02/04/15 Regular meeting Minutes      



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