Village of Key Biscayne Charter

Section 2.03. Election and term of office.

Section 5.01. Elections.

Village of Key Biscayne Code of Ordinances relating to Elections

Village of Key Biscayne Election Sign information

Candidate & Campaign Treasurer Handbook

Form DS-DE 2 - Contributions Returned

Form DS-DE 12 - Campaign Treasurer’s Report Summary

Form DS-DE 13 - Campaign Treasurer’s Report- Itemized Contributions

Form DS-DE 14 - Campaign Treasurer’s Report- Itemized Expenditures

Form DS-DE 14A – Campaign Treasurer’s Report – Itemized Distributions

Form DS-DE 73 - Campaign Loans Report

Form DS-DE 73A - Campaign Loans Report Itemized

Form DS-DE 86 - Request for Return of Contribution

Form DS-DE 87 - Waiver of Report

Form DS-DE 125 – Poll Watchers Designation

Other Election forms can be found on the Florida Division of Elections Website

Florida Election Code









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